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Stampede Capital's Singapore subsidiary achieves turnover of Rs 19,563.46cr

Apr 01, 2015
Stampede Capital's wholly owned subsidiary, Stampede Financials Pte Limited, Singapore has recorded a trading turnover of Rs 19,563.46 crore for the quarter from January, 2015 to March, 2015 as Designated Market Maker (DMM) and Liquidity Provider (LP) in Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Read More>>

NSE Approved Stampede TBT Algo

July 08th 2014
Stampede got TBT Algo Approval for CM and F&O segments from National Stock Exchange. We are currently integrating one of the fastest trading platforms in Asia Pacific with National Stock Exchange. Stampede platform concentrates on 3 core components to reduce the time to execute trade in less than 2 micro seconds. (Race to time Zero)
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Stampede Cloud launches 1 Terra Hash Mining Rig for Bitcoin

December 13th 2013
Stampede Cloud runs financial cloud solutions for forex and equity markets using (Graphics Processing Unit) GPU/Parallel processing/ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) from Mumbai and Hyderabad with more than 100 servers. Most of the GPU/ASIC chip power is lying idle after market hours, Stampede came up with a solution and virtualized both graphical / ASIC processing power into a virtual parallel processing server where idle workers (processes) will be mining the Bitcoins. The current capacity is around 1 Terra Hash.
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Stampede Capital to offer trading cloud platform to global institutional clients

November 25th 2013
Stampede Cloud Services 100% subsidiary of Stampede Capital is opening wholly owned subsidiaries in Dubai, Singapore and London to offer high end Trading Technology EMS/OMS, DMA/ALGO platform to institutional clients in ASIA PAC, Middle East, Europe, USA.
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Stampede Cloud Computing Services - Direct Market Access Platform Handled 5Billion US Dollars Buy/Sell Side Transaction.

Hyderabad, December 28th 2012
In the month of December, Stampede Cloud Services handled 5 Billion USD transactions. Combining the Power of High Performance Computing (teraflops per second) and own partial differential equation/Bayesian Algos.

Stampede platform achieved the highest through put of:

No. of Days Total Turnover USD
19 Days 28,264 Cr. 5.13 Billion
Per Day 1,487.5 Cr. 270 Million
Per Hour 185 Cr. 33.8 Million
Per Minute 3 Cr. 5,63,000
Per Second 5.16 lakhs 9,391

Stampede platform achieved 2 times the speed of light in both Continuous and Discontinuous time trades. Stampede Cloud Services is 100% subsidiary of Stampede Capital Limited which is listed in BSE.
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Outcome of Board Meeting - Appointment of MD

Hyderabad, November 15th 2012
Stampede Capital Ltd has informed BSE that the Board of Directors of the Company at is meeting held on November 15, 2012 inter alia has approved the following:

1. The appointment of Mr. Venkata Srinivas Meenavalli as Managing Director of the Company effective from November 15, 2012.
2. The appointment of Mr. CA. R. Vivek Kumar as Additional Director of the Company effective from November 15, 2012. Mr. Vivek is a Chartered Accountant having 25 years of experience in the fields of Finance, Accounting and Capital Market activities. Mr. Vivek will act as independent Director on the Board and also appointed as Chairman for the Audit Committee.

Stampede Achieves Speed of Light in Currency Market Transactions

Hyderabad, March 6th 2012
Taking the electronic market making process in India to unprecedented levels, the Hyderabad based Stampede Capital has achieved speed of light in completing transactions on its proprietary technology platforms on two of the India's leading currency exchanges.
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Outcome of Board Meeting

Hyderabad, Feb 13, 2012
Stampede Capital Ltd has informed BSE that the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on February 13, 2012, inter alia, has considered and approved the following:

1. Appointment of Mr. Venkat S. Meenavalli and Mr. Shaik Gouse were appointed as Additional Directors of the Company effective from February 13, 2012.

2. Grant of 14,92,400 Options at a price of Rs. 48.00 which is the latest Closing Price of the Company on Bombay Stock Exchange Limited on February 10, 2012, to the eligible employees of the Company and its Subsidiaries as per the Employee Stock Option Scheme 2011 with 4 years vesting period of 25% each year.

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